Specialized Knowledge In Canadian Pension And Benefits Law

With over three decades' experience in corporate and pension and benefits law, David Vincent went on to form his own firm, Canadian Benefits Law, to service his long-term clients. David spent his legal career practising at three of the most prestigious Toronto Bay Street firms where he headed the pension and benefits law practice groups.

David's extensive experience in pension and benefits law also includes lecturing at Bar associations and Canadian law schools. David now provides a select group of clients with advice and representation about complex pension and benefit law and regulation issues.

Understanding Canadian Pension And Benefits Law

Canadian companies grappling with pension and benefits issues are faced with complex legislation and regulations. Unlike the United States, much of the pension regulation framework is provincial rather than federal. In addition to minimum pension standards legislation in each province, pension plans must also comply with complex rules relating to their tax-favoured status under the federal Income Tax Act (Canada). The law firm of Canadian Benefits Law was created to assist clients through these regulatory labyrinths. The firm also has expert knowledge of the Canadian benefits industry and practices.

Canadian federal and provincial governments also impose considerable policy requirements upon pension and benefits plan administrators. These softer "guidelines" and policies can be as important as more strict statutory rules. When administrators manage pension and benefits plans for their companies, they need reliable, expert advice. Without proper guidance in how to properly administer these plans, costly corporate time and resources can be lost needlessly or inefficiently.

Taking The Pressure Off Clients

Canadian Benefits Law acts for a select group of blue chip clients who seek its advice about pension and benefits law matters. The firm's clients rely on its considerable experience to access information efficiently, identify issues and expertly resolve them. In the process, clients' time and resources are saved.