Expertise In Pension And Benefits And Mergers And Acquisitions

David Vincent is a senior Bay Street lawyer who has practised both corporate and pension and benefits law. He started his career as a corporate lawyer and has extensive experience with merger and acquisition transactions. Building on his corporate law practice, David became a specialist in the field of pension and benefits law, just as this area of law emerged as a specialty in Canada. That makes him unique among his peers, because typically lawyers practicing in the pension field do not have a corporate law background.

As a result of his many years spent practising as a corporate and pension lawyer, he has the capability of viewing merger and acquisition transactions from an expert corporate law perspective. This allows him to efficiently assess the issues of a corporate transaction and advise clients, including law firm clients, on the most intricate details of corporate transactions.

Level-Headed Advice In High Stakes Transactions

David often acts in the capacity of pension and benefits law expert during major merger and acquisition transactions. David advises clients, including other law firms, about due diligence considerations, acquisition reviews, disclosure requirements and suitable representations and warranties.

Mergers and acquisitions are usually high stakes transactions with millions of dollars at stake. David's clients appreciate his ability to keep a cool and reasoned perspective when the stakes are high and short deadlines must be met.

Accessible And Efficient

The boutique firm of Canadian Benefits Law offers its clients direct access to specialized pension and benefits expertise. As a boutique firm, clients are able to avoid the inefficiencies that can occur with large law firms and gain direct access to experienced and expert counsel.

The clients of Canadian Benefits Law can expect efficient and streamlined processes that provide them with access to fast results and resolutions. The firm's priority is to access relevant knowledge efficiently for all its blue chip clients and come up with solutions that minimize costs and delay.