Specialized Pension Fund Investment Knowledge

David Vincent has spent more than thirty years honing his knowledge of corporate, tax and pension and benefits law at major Bay Street law firms. His diverse background and knowledge allowed him to develop specialized expertise in the field of Canadian pension and benefits law. He shares this considerable understanding in the area of pension fund investments with many of his long-standing blue chip clientele.

Canadian Benefits Law assists clients in all aspects of fund investments, including private equity, alternative investments, investment management contracts and the design and review of pension governance documents such as Statements of Investment Policies and Procedures. The firm has extensive experience advising pension plan administrators, plan fiduciaries, multinational corporations and law firms about the best way to structure pension fund investments to maximize investment return and minimize risk.

Expert Advice. Direct Access.

David's background in corporate, tax and pension law has enabled him to develop a unique expertise about pension fund investment issues. Backed by decades of practice experience, he has developed expertise in all aspects of pension fund investing from a corporate, pension law and tax perspective. Clients of Canadian Benefits Law have direct access to David as he does not delegate work to less experienced lawyers.

Pension Governance, Including The Statement Of Investment Policies And Procedures

David assists pension fund administrators and corporations with the formulation and refinement of their governance documents, including their Statements of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPPs). SIPPs are now required to be filed, reviewed and updated annually with government regulators. Canadian pension regulators are increasing their scrutiny of other aspects of pension governance through pension plan examinations and audits.

Clients who retain Canadian Benefits Law to assist with these pension governance issues benefit in several ways. With his long and broad cross-disciplinary experience in corporate and pension benefits law, David brings a different and more nuanced approach to plan governance that other types of pension consultants cannot offer. Clients also benefit from the solicitor-client privilege associated with a lawyer which does not exist with other types of non-legal pension consultants. Pension consultants also often limit their liability to their clients through contractual provisions – a concept that is foreign to the relationship between a client and a law firm.