Maintaining Good Relationships With Pension Regulators

David Vincent's many years spent practising as both a corporate and a pension and benefits lawyer have established his reputation and credibility with government pension regulators. David's reputation with Canada's pension regulators partly results from having served as a member of the Ontario Financial Services Tribunal and from advising the Ontario government about pension reform legislation. He has a track record of integrity and takes a principled approach to client representation. Canadian Benefits law can assist its blue chip clientele to address pension regulation issues and get efficient resolutions to matters involving Canadian pension regulators.

A Deep Understanding Of Pension Regulation

In Canada, much of pension regulation is governed at the provincial level, while federal legislation (the Income Tax Act) addresses the taxation of pension and benefit plans. Every company that administers a pension or benefit plan for Canadian employees must comply with specific provincial regulations in each province, where their employees are employed.

As a practitioner with decades-long experience, David is thoroughly acquainted with all the relevant rules and regulations. David is one of a small group of Canadian lawyers with decades of specialized knowledge in Canadian pension and benefits law. He has an intimate understanding of the rules and regulations that govern pension and benefit plans. This expertise also allows him to resolve issues quickly and efficiently with the goal of delivering optimal results.

Technical Expertise At Your Service

Ensuring regulatory compliance with pension rules can be difficult for organizations. It requires a high level of knowledge of complex laws and keeping up with constantly changing regulations and government policies, as well as case law. With an experienced law firm on their side, organizations can rest assured they will be in compliance with any existing and any updated rules that affect pension and benefit plans in Canada.